Since Zak didn’t have a pattern to work from, he went into the store every day during his lunch hour and took all kinds of measurements so he could build the beautiful piece of furniture.

“I took paper and pencil and a measuring tool each day. I didn’t have a cellphone so I couldn’t just take a picture of it,” he explained. “The tea cart looks exactly like the one in the store and it took me a long time to make it.”

Zak has made many boxes, which he turned into jewelry boxes, tea boxes with the inside divided into small spaces for a variety of tea bags. He also made a ribbon box with a different kind of wood wrapped around the box shaped like a ribbon. A special jewelry box made with two unusually shaped drawers which fit into the box perfectly.

“Everyone in our family has one of those jewelry boxes,” Sandy said proudly. “He enjoys making them.”

Sandy, the math teacher, was very helpful with her geometry in laying out the complicated quilt pattern with different kinds of wood for the top of a quilting box her husband was making.

“It’s not cabinet

making to make the boxes,” he said. “But if you can do this you can easily make the large cabinetry.”

During the past 50 years, he has accumulated a lot of tools including a table saw, bandsaw, a jigsaw and four routers. He also has a drill press, a planer and a surface planer, a miter saw, an assortment of drills, sanders, a plate joiner, detailing tools and files.