Hampson Woods

It was a job designing and building the interior of the E5 Bakehouse in Hackney, in 2012, that first led to Jonty Hampson making wooden chopping boards. “I incorporated London plane timber into their worktops and there was some left so I used it to make serving boards,” he recalls. “I’d always had in my head that I wanted to get affordable craft pieces on to the shop shelves and into people’s homes. The boards were a way to do that.” These days the boards, which are hand-carved from a single piece of plane, ash, sycamore or elm in his Cumbria workshop, are sold in the Conran Shop and John Lewis. Each comes with a label detailing the wood’s provenance. “It’s something I’ve always insisted on; the timber is sourced from small, independent merchants, many of whom have a woodland management connection, so I can pinpoint exactly where the trees are from.” Hampson also makes spoons and racks, and has plans to collaborate with a knife-maker

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